Jiu Jitsu Schedule

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Gi Class

Jiu Jitsu rolling

 Our Gi classes provide students with a solid foundation of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu through basic theory, technique and principles, as well as positional sparring and drilling. Students wear the traditional jiu-jitsu gi while training.  

Taught by Sanda, Jeff or Tony. 

Ages 13+, all levels welcome.  

No Gi

No gi jiu jitsu

 No Gi consists of traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training, without a gi (students typically wear rash guards or t-shirts and spats or shorts) . No Gi class is faster-paced with special emphasis on transitions due to lack of friction and grips typically provided by a gi. No Gi training helps students more effectively "chase" the next position or submission. We recommend training both gi and no gi. 

Taught by Jeff or Tony.

All ages and levels welcome.  

Kid's Class

Jiu Jitsu Kids Classes

Our kid's classes are geared towards providing children with an array of physical and mental skills to help them succeed both in school and in life. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a great way for children to socialize and improve their fitness, all while having a blast!

Taught by Jeff. 

Ages 7-13, all levels welcome. 

Open Mat

Gi Jiu Jitsu

Open mat is a self-paced open session where students can roll or drill. Open mats are a vital part of a student's jiu-jitsu training as they provide the opportunity to practice techniques learned during traditional classes as well as explore new moves. While open mats to not have a formal instruction, we always have at least two instructors available for answering questions and ensuring the safety and comfort of our students. 

All ages welcome, at least two prior jiu jitsu classes recommended.

Warrior Yoga

Jiu Jitsu Yoga

The perfect complement to jiu jitsu, Warrior Yoga helps lengthen and open the body, regulate breathing, and strengthen muscles. This class is the only yoga class in Charleston specifically designed to relieve jiu jitsu aches and pains as well as improve students' games through enhanced flexibility, mobility, balance, strength and endurance. Come check it out!

Taught by Carin. 

All ages and levels welcome. 


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